Flexible-Width Rollovers

The difficult thing about the rollover action is that it requires all the image stages to be layers, which is the opposite of inline construction. However, with a tad of ingenuity this can be circumnavigated. For this example, let's say that we are creating rollover where each of the graphics is a 400px wide by 200px high rectangle.


  1. Begin by adding an inline HTML box. Name it rolloverWrapper, deselect the width field in the inspector, but set the max-width to 400px. Open the extended dialog and switch to the <div style> tab. Add a listing with width as the name, and 100% as the value.

  2. Draw three rollover graphics inside the rolloverWrapper box as layer items (not inline!). Name them click, hover, and normal, respectively.

  3. Align them on each-other and group them. Name the new group container rolloverGraphic, and apply the Rollover Action to it. (For a more detailed set of instructions on this part, see the official documentation).

  4. Open the extended dialog for that container, and in both the <img> and <div> tabs, add entries with class for the name and flexImage for the value.

  5. As always, save, publish, and test!