Using Exhibeo 2 with Backdraft

Exhibeo is a very easy to use web gallery generator created by the folks at Softpress, which makes it easy to create responsive-friendly galleries for Freeway. In version 2, all of the themes are fully responsive and very easy to use.

  1. Export the gallery from Exhibeo for Freeway with your desired settings.

  2. Double-click inside the element that you want the gallery to appear in.

  3. In the top-bar, choose Insert > Action Item > Exhibeo 2 Import.

  4. Open the actions palette and choose the Exhibeo export file.

  5. Open the inspector, and deactivate the width and the height fields. Although the gallery in Freeway's construction-view will collapse, if you preview the website in the browser the gallery will automatically expand to the correct size.

  6. Done!