Known Bugs

Because there is no real upgrade path for Freeway templates, I try and keep the number of releases to a minimum. If there are any minor bugs, I may wait until the next major release to fix them. For major bugs, I will release a patch update (x.x.1). However, the only way to apply the changes in the patch releases to your current document is to make the changes manually. Hence, this page where I list all known bugs and how to fix them yourself.

Old Artifacts

This was fixed in Backdraft 2.1.1. There are some old artifacts from past versions of Backdraft that I forgot to clean out. Here's how you can fix it:

  1. Remove the Box Sizing action from the Flexible Video module in the BD: Extra Modules master page, and anywhere else you used that module on your website.

  2. Remove the Flexible Page action from the BD: Extra Modules page.

  3. Profit!

Four Column Out-Of-Order

This was fixed in Backdraft 2.1.2. If you are using an older version, follow these steps to apply the changes to your current document:

  1. In the BD: Framework Modules master page, use the sidebar to select the fourMiddleRight element. Hit ⌘C to copy it to your clipboard.

  2. Hit the ⌫ key to delete it.

  3. Using the sidebar, select the fourRight element.

  4. Hit the ← key on your keyboard once.

  5. Press ⌘V to paste fourMiddleRight back in.

  6. Do it again, but this time for the four column module on the BD: Alt Modules page, and anywhere you used a four column module in your website.

Four Column Misaligned at 720px Breakpoint

If you take a look at the four column module at the 720px breakpoint, you will see that it's all janky. First, this bug only affects the construction view in Freeway — the output will work and look as expected. However, if you want to get the construction view to more accurately portray the output, here's what you can do:

  1. Go into the 720px breakpoint in Freeway.

  2. Select the fourMiddleRight element.

  3. Open the inspector, and set it to clear: left.